Caring for Your Hearing at a Whole New Level


Thanks Linda I gave the new aid a serious test on Wednesday. Helen and I went to Arvada Center to a play. I have not been able to understand much of the dialogue for several years at plays. The story was about an Irish community. The actors were very good and stayed in character and keep their accents well. There was an Irish band on stage which was loud. The aid performed extremely well. I could follow the spoken words and much of the songs. Thank you.~ Dr. F. 2015
Linda, thanks for helping me so much with my new hearing aids—to get everything just right for me. It is such a pleasure to work with you!~ DN 2015
Linda and her support staff run an organized business where care of and for the patient obviously is their first priority. What an excellent company to work with for my recent life change!~ S.B. 2015
I really don’t know where to begin to tell you what a great organization you have in Mountain Peak Hearing. I explained to the staff that I was working with a number of hearing aid companies and told them my challenges and they said, “all we will ask is before you make a decision, come talk to us.” And I did.
It was the best choice I ever made. They were wonderful. Linda explained everything in such a way that even I could understand. In addition, she had me come back and come back until I was satisfied. I can’t tell you how many times other people would say, “Well, go home and see if it doesn’t come around.” With Linda, I didn’t leave the office until it was right for me. On top of that, the hearing aids are fabulous. I am hearing like I used to.  I could go on and on, but most of all I want to say thank you to Linda for working with me.  ~ Dick F. 2009
...we were treated with respect, patience and understanding as she described to our satisfaction the complexity and capability of the newly designed hearing aids. Unlike interviews we had experienced at other outlets for other brands, no pressure was brought to bear for instantaneous decisions or purchase. In her unhurried style, Linda Kiser reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of several different hearing aid models and manufacturers, and answered all questions when requested by us. Cost was discussed freely, but recommendations were made based primarily upon obtaining the highest degree of comfort and satisfaction for my wife. Our subsequent purchase of a hearing aid from Linda and the pleasant follow up visits have provided us with the confidence that we made an excellent choice both in people and in equipment. ~ Elaine and MJ K. 2010
So happy to refer friends to ones who care about their client’s well being to satisfaction. I feel that many can provide an examination, fitting and product, but you treat the whole person as to their feelings and vanity. ~ Steve C. 2010
Thank you for the gift of excellent hearing and the expertise to make it happen. Thank you so much. ~ Jim M.
Want to thank you for the kindness you have rendered to us over the years, you are indeed a professional as you have your patients interest at heart and that means so much to know there are those who care and we do appreciate your efforts—not taking advantage of us. ~ Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. 2010
Linda and her staff were very patient with me and my family, and answered all of our questions well as we were “shopping” for an audiologist for our son.  My son and our family chose Mountain Peak Hearing because of the professionalism and care that Linda showed us.  My son is now able to hear and has the ability to be part of the conversation in groups and with our family.  He is a college student, and we felt now more than ever that he hear well from both ears to help him advance through college.  Linda took the time to find out what would work best for his left ear, and she explained everything throughly, we are most pleased with the changes it has made in his life.  We can’t be more happy and glad that we chose Mountain Peak Hearing, in our opinion, they are the best! -R.T. 2014
Recently, I’ve become a patient at Mountain Peak Hearing. I had been diagnosed with tinnitus and TMJ, so a hearing test was suggested to me by my family doctor. The testing was administered by the audiologist. She then explained the results to me in detail and in non-clinical terms and that was most helpful ! My hearing loss was significant. The option was to try hearing aids on a trial basis, which I agreed was a sensible choice. Much to my surprise, adapting to them was not difficult. They were light weight and comfortable. Sounds became crisp and clear. It was a whole new world of hearing. I’m also happy to report that my tinnitus was greatly reduced. These reasons convinced me to purchase the Certena micro model with latest digital technology. I am so pleased with the results of the whole experience.The staff was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I thank them for introducing me to a better quality of life. ~ Elaine C. 2010
I have been suffering for years with super sensitive hearing and it was getting worse. I couldn’t concentrate at work, could not focus my attention, felt irritable and mentally exhausted. I couldn’t enjoy going places, listening to music, watching tv or attending meetings at work. Many sounds grated on my nerves. I tried drug store ear plugs with no success; I was desperate for relief! Mountain Peak Hearing suggested I try the Musician’s Ear Filters and in desperation I thought it was worth the gamble. Well these filters are a golden jackpot! They are exactly what I needed to relieve my problems and bring sanity back to my life. I highly recommend this product and the staff at Mountain Peak Hearing. They’re awesome! ~ Sandy L.
My experience here at Mountain Peak Hearing was excellent, and very professional. Linda Kiser is the best!. ~ Ken Mc 2015
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I love the new aids. It is so amazing how just in a few days what I am noticing and hearing. I am so happy with them. I am looking forward to my trip next week and sitting in meetings and dinner settings and hearing the difference. Thank you. ~ Karen G. 2013