Caring for Your Hearing at a Whole New Level

Not All Hearing Aids are the Same


Yes! Imagine that, not all hearing aids are the same, and yes the old saying applies…"if it sounds too good to be true, perhaps it IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!"

More and more personal sound amplifiers/prodices are popping up in the market. They typically range in price from $350-400 and some insurance companies are marketing them as hearing aids. They are really not considered a hearing aid, they are "mail ordered", pre-programmed, and typically not too successful. They cannot be compared in any way to Class II medical devices, which are dispensed by a licensed professional such as an Audiologist.

Personal sound amplifiers can only be used in a small percentage of cases, typically with very mild hearing loss, and will generally not have the same sound quality as a Class II medical device (Hearing Aid), they can only be adjusted slightly, and most often the person purchasing such a device must send the instrument back to the company to do so. They typically have a manual volume control that is controlled by the user, but cannot really eliminate background noise and control soft and loud sounds in a variety of environments.

Just when hearing instrument technology has finally caught up and been able to work in so many more cases and in so many more environments, some companies have created these as a replacement for new technologically advanced instruments. Those marketing these devices really work hard to make you believe that you are comparing apples to apples, and yet you really aren’t!  Considering the amount of time and engineering it takes to make a Class II Medical Device (Hearing Instrument/Aid), there is no way a $300 instrument can replace/compare to the engineering and science that goes into technologically advanced hearing instruments.

Internet dispensing, and personal sound amplifiers will not replace traditional, technologically advanced hearing instruments…not now, not ever. Our job is to educate you, care for your hearing at a whole new level, and provide you with the highest quality of instruments that will last! We don’t encourage you to throw your money away and spend a dime on these instruments, we are sure they won't be successful!

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