Caring for Your Hearing at a Whole New Level

Hearing Aids

Working Hard for Better Hearing

At Mountain Peak Hearing, we don’t just understand the way your ears work—we understand your challenges and can help you feel better, stay connected and get the most out of your hearing instrument.

Hearing Instruments

We offer a two-week demo at no charge before you decide whether to enter into a trial period with a hearing instrument.

Most clinics adhere to a Colorado state mandated 30-day trial period for you to “get used to” a new hearing instru­ment—we double that to 60 days! Why? We want to make sure you’re happy and we’ve had a positive effect on your quality of life.

We’re not going to try to sell you more than you need. It would be easy to follow in the footsteps of lesser clinics by encouraging you to purchase equipment that is overkill or their supplier’s inventory “special of the month.” We provide sound advice dispensing only the highest quality products. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers, relationships that are vital for unusual or extraordinary circumstances. 

Our Guarantee: Our hearing instruments will improve your hearing or we will refund your money (minus testing and fitting costs) within a 60-day adjustment period. There are no additional charges for adjustments, reprogramming and repairs from normal use during the warranty period, which may last up to two years.