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Our Values

We commit to improve our patients quality of life through excellent hearing care, advancing technology, compassion and education, and by always creating a positive experience for our patients and their loved ones. The virtues of integrity, honesty, loyalty and transparency makes up the moral fiber that bonds us and fosters our ongoing relationship.

Our Goals

Our goals are to help you find the right hearing aid for your needs.

There are different levels of digital technology to fit any hearing need as well as your budget. The benefits to you can include:

  • Improved hearing, even in noisy environments;
  • Excellent feedback control to reduce or eliminate that annoying whistling that sometimes happens with other hearing aids;
  • Special programming to help you hear better on the telephone;
  • Dual microphones that help locate unwanted sounds and reduce the level of noise while allowing you to hear what you want.

If upgrading your current amplification system is in the back of your mind, please call the office for a free demonstration. We now have a demo units available to show you how this technology really WORKS!

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We are proud to offer two locations in the great state of Colorado. Both locations offer the same exceptional hearing healthcare service you expect from our practice. We look forward to helping you!

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